Considering it is greater than gold and new authorization currency, many people are interested to do Bitcoin trading, due to its high profit. To know the values of this digital gold called Bitcoin, you want to trade it in markets for cash/fiat as acceptable in their regional countries. You could see some super simple ways of converting 1 btc to inr which means Bitcoins into INR or Indian Rupees.

A few steps to follow for converting 1BTC to INR:

  • Through changes that accept fiat money: First, you want to find such a trading place in your country. Next, you can exchange your Bitcoins to them in replacement for INR.
  • Via Free bitcoin trading platforms: You will discover a buyer in your nation. By trading with the buyer directly, you can get money in any form you want.
  • By converting your 1 btc to inr: Some cryptocurrency transactions offer dealers to change 1 btc into inr or INRM (Integrated Money). INRM is secured against Rupee and it can change the digital money into fiat money.


Register your profile, verify your identity and start to exchange 1btc to inr in Free Bitcoin platform. Select your nation on the top of their home page and then enter the required amount to exchange in search criteria. Free Bitcoin is a famous international bitcoin trader whom you can trust the most. Confirm that your computer is not hit by the virus during the exchange process. Copy-paste your wallet address in the page, at the same time be cautious because sometimes the bitcoin address will be registered in your address during the process. It’s same as your account number and after each time you exchange, change your wallet address due to security reason.