What is Semi-Permanent?

The concept of semi-permanent nails is setting a remarkable impression about the nails which are getting enameled with a wide range of Semilac products that has evolved and is no longer limited to false nails which were fastened with stickers a few years ago. Now, these nails represent the state of mind of the applicant that they value for time and are very passionate to decorate their nails. Get these special semi-permanent enamels to use at your own home with a gel base that makes your nails more durable and gives a natural effect.

The Semipermanentes enamels have revolutionized the process of manicure for their durability and long-lasting elegance to the applicant. If you are a new bie then above all, you must know how they are useful to give a natural look to your nails byenhancing their strength and durability making it a perfect solution for every woman. The entire range of Similac products is easy to use and even allow the applicant to prepare their own manicure by sitting at their own home getting an equal or better result than you get from a professional manicure. You can also follow this site on https://semilac.es/es/esmaltes-semipermanentes to gain more information about how to follow step by step to apply the semi-permanent enamel or want to remove the enamel present on your nails.

Guide to Semi-Permanent Enamel:

The Semi-permanent nails are nothing but the result of the application of a particular type of enamel that gives best results when used gel base. When this gel base is applied on the nail, it requires a UV lamp or LED to dry the semi-permanent nails to increase their durability that lasts up to 21 days without affecting the nail getting scratched or damaged. If you want to remove, then apply Nail Remover solution to remove the enamel from your nail.

Constructores semipermanentes

The Semilac base gel provides a natural appearance to the manicure and is available at affordable price. Get the full kit of manicure to give a professional touch to your nails at your own home. Become a valuable customer by opening an account on their website and shop the products with free delivery. If you are not satisfied with the product, then get a refund or change the outcome within 15 days.

Even though it is advantageous to rebuild your nails with Semilac products, there is one disadvantage. Its name only states that these semi-permanent nails are temporary and if not correctly applied the gel base at the time of manicure it can ruin your nail enamel and lead to cracks and might break the concept of a perfect manicure. Hence for long-lasting elegance, the applicant needs to apply two layers of the polish and dry with UV or LED lamp. Finally, when asked Top coating the enamel will get a glossy shine and let your glaze.


Get started to use Semi-Permanent Enamel if you want a glossy shiny nails that are free from any damage or scratch. Login on this site to become their customer and avail the Semilac products to enhance your nails if they are weak and brittle. They are the simplest and cheapest way to have perfect hands without affecting natural look of your nails at all times.