Checking balance is the most important thing which you have to know while using any card for doing shopping as if you purchased things more than the amount present in the card then you have to pay an additional amount. Don’t want to face such a problem? Try to check visa gift card balance before doing shopping. You have to start by looking backside of your card; there you will get the number which is to be used for checking the balance.

How checking balance help you in doing the shopping?

If don’t want to pay any extra amount while shopping directly in the market or avoid cancellation of transaction while shopping online then you have to check visa gift card balance. You can do it by calling a toll-free number which will help you in letting you know about the balance in your gift card. If you are not able to call on the toll-free number then there is another option of checking the balance of gift card that is authorized site, you have to enter 16 digit number and security code on the site and then you will be able to get a full statement of the transitions and balance in your card. Before using your card you have to activate your card then you will be able to complete any traction by using a gift card.

check vanilla visa gift card balance

How to activate your gift card?

On authorized site, you will get the option of activating gift card so which you have to complete by typing the number of your card and security code. You can add a mobile number for knowing details related to your card. To activate your card you are required to fill all information carefully otherwise you will not be able to use the card for making any type of purchase.

Hence if you think you can use offer gift cards to someone then try to let them know about its usage and then advise to activate the card first before doing any type of purchase either online or directly in the market.