Sunbathing and sunbathing are an integral part of the holiday. Regardless of where you intend to spend your vacation, we primarily want to return home with a beautiful and brown tan, and at the same time, reduce the risk of burns or descending skin after sunbathing. So how to tan quickly  melanotan and effectively?

Where do we tan most often? Take care of the beautiful tan!


Obtaining the effect of a beautiful, natural, and brown tan seems to be a very easy task. We often even think that the final effect of tan depends simply on the time we spent on sunbathing or sunbathing. The truth is, however, that the most important thing, in this case, is proper skincare and the use of the right cosmetics, which on the one hand will protect us from the harmful effects of UVA and UVB radiation, and on the other hand, will allow us to achieve a natural-looking tan. Otherwise, we can get not only sunburn but also unsightly discoloration (as a result of excessive melanin production by melanocytes ) or expose the skin to rapid aging. Particular attention should be paid to those places on our skin that we tan most often and which have the greatest contact with solar radiation on a daily basis melanotan (also during many daily activities). The face, hands, and cleavage – these are places that should be particularly protected and properly cared for while tanning, to provide them with a beautiful tan color, and thus avoid the unpleasant consequences of excessive sun exposure.

How to tan brown? How to lubricate yourself to get a quick tan?

The decisive mistake is to think that the more time we spend in the sun, the faster a beautiful and brown tan will appear on the skin. In this way, we can only expose ourselves to painful and red burns, followed by the effect of gliding skin and spots after sunbathing. Hereditary amount of melanin (called skin phototype complexion) determines the ease of sunbathing and the risk of possible sunburn. This roughly means that people with a darker complexion will tan more quickly to a beautiful brown color, while people with a light skin color will tan more slowly and are exposed to burns, a red tan color, or the problem of tanning after tanning. So how to quickly sunbathe in the sun? Are there home ways to quickly tan your legs or other body parts, especially when dealing with fair skin? We can definitely help with cosmetics available on the market, e.g., tanning accelerators or dietary supplements, e.g., in the form of beta-carotene, which will help us not only tan faster but also make the tan more even and naturally brightened. Let’s also remember to watch out for the sun at the beginning – melanin needs up to three to eight days to create a protective barrier on the skin. Therefore, before going to the beach for the first time, it is worth to darken the skin with a self-tanner – artificial tan will not constitute sunscreen but will reduce the desire for a strong tan on the first day of vacation.