New in the market:

          The people who have been waiting for a product that would give them the needed tan even without having to sit in the sun for hours together is finally here. This is the melanotan 2 and this is the improvement from melanotan1 which was already in the market. This is an improvement where you can use a smaller dosage to achieve a better result. This gives you a very nice tan without the effect of harmful sunrays. The sunrays are said to cause certain changes in the body that are considered undesirable such as it induces skin cancer, burning, and also is said to cause mutation in the system if the person sit in the sun for long hours. To change all that you can choose to use the new products called as the melanotan 2 injections which is very easy to use.

User friendly:

melanotan ii dosage

          The medication is user friendly as it can be administered right from the comfort of your home. The person can use an insulin needle to inject the medication after cleaning the spot with a cotton swab soaked in rubbing alcohol in order to avoid any infection. You do not need a physician to administer the right dosage you can carry it out all on your own.


          There are certain featureswhichyou must know before you use the medication. This will include that you have a complete skin analysis done in order to understand the daily or regular dosage for your type of skin. The medication is said to help in the formation of the pigmentation that reduces the impact of the harmful UV radiation. This is made possible due to higher level of melanin in the skin that is induced by the medication. However, it will require that the person get some amount of sunlight and not avoid going into the sun at all. This easy procedure is like a most needed solution for many people who wish to tan their skin and protect the skin at the same time. The melanotan 2 injections serve the purpose of both beauty as well as security from the harmful radiation.