• melanotan ii dosage


    New in the market:           The people who have been waiting for a product that would give them the needed tan even without having to sit in the sun for hours together is finally here. This is the melanotan 2 and this is the improvement from melanotan1 which was already in the market. This is …

  • Manicure

    Manicure Starter Kit You Need at Home

    Your hands are exposed to dirt on a daily basis making it prone to damage. Sometimes washing is never enough because of the accumulated grime and dirt under the nails. This is when grooming comes into the picture. Grooming your nails through manicure will prevent them from chipping or breaking. It can also prevent dry …

  • Beauty

    Guide to Semi-Permanent Enamel

    What is Semi-Permanent? The concept of semi-permanent nails is setting a remarkable impression about the nails which are getting enameled with a wide range of Semilac products that has evolved and is no longer limited to false nails which were fastened with stickers a few years ago. Now, these nails represent the state of mind of the applicant that …