A properly selected chair for the desk should not only blend in well with the style of the interior but, above all, provide comfort and adequate support. This is particularly significant for citizens who spend a lot of time at the desk – they use a computer ergonomic study table singapore, learn or work. When choosing a comfortable office chair, it is worth paying attention to five structural elements that affect its ergonomics and comfort.

ergonomic study table

Backrest – the most important element of a comfortable desk chair

The first element that you must pay attention to is the backrest. It should be profiled in a shape that adapts to the back and provides adequate support for the spine. It is also extremely important to adjust the backrest to your height because even the best, but the ill-fitting chair ergonomic study table singapore  will not be ergonomic. You can also consider buying so-called bucket seats, which provide even greater stability, but, unfortunately, are more expensive.

Seat – comfortable and stable

The most important thing about the seat is its depth – thanks to the right matching, the chair will be very comfortable. Again, this is about anatomical issues and adequate support – this time, the legs. The seat of a comfortable armchair cannot be too deep, because then the legs in the knees will not be able to lay in a natural position at an angle of 90o. On the additional hand, if they are too shallow, which means that the thigh ends not much, it will cause considerable discomfort at the desk after a long time.