Your hands are exposed to dirt on a daily basis making it prone to damage. Sometimes washing is never enough because of the accumulated grime and dirt under the nails. This is when grooming comes into the picture. Grooming your nails through manicure will prevent them from chipping or breaking. It can also prevent dry cuticles.

Ultimately, a manicure can keep the nails clean, which prevents fungal infections. In most cases, manicure also includes massaging, which can help boost blood circulation. With many benefits, it is time that you invest in Accesorios manicura or manicure starter kit.

Here’s what your manicure starter kit should include:


Nail cutter

The most obvious tool is the nail cutter. Nail cutter can trim the nails. It is recommended to keep the nails short at all times as it can help prevent the spread of diseases. Trimming the nail is an easy task but most injuries happen during the process.

When you use a nail cutter, you should make sure that it is not touching the skin. You should also avoid cutting too much because it can expose the sensitive part of your nail bed, which can eventually lead to infections. Remember that nails are softer after a shower.

Cuticle pusher

The cuticles need special care so they do not become flaky or dry. As the name suggests, the cuticle pusher shoves the skin from the nails back. If you have hard skin, you need to utilize a steel cuticle pusher. If you have a soft cuticle, you can use a wooden one.

Keep in mind that cuticles should never be cut. If you push them back, you have to be gentle. If you slice the thin lining on the bottom of the nail bed, it can lead to infection. Again, the best time to deal with this is after the shower because it is when the skin is soft.

Cuticle nipper

For tough cuticles and dry skin around the nails, a cuticle nipper is a right tool. It provides great accuracy to reach the tight spaces. It can also trim the annoying ingrown nails.

Before using, you should ensure that it is properly sanitized. You should only use cuticle nipper once the cuticle is pushed back. It is best to use a lotion or hand-cream to moisturize after the cuticle has been trimmed.  Store the nipper in a dry place to offset rust.

Nail buffer

A nail buffer can help you achieve naturally glossy nails since it gets rid of the dullness. A nail buffer can also help remove dry ridges or peeling on the nails because it can smoothen them out.

Nail file

The nail file can prevent the nails from breaking or chipping. It can also help shape the nails into square or oval. Do not forget to wash and moisturize your nails after.

Final words

By having manicure accessories at home, you do not have to spend money visiting the salon on a regular basis. You can have an amazing result if you devote your time to practice.