Sifting is the process of breaking lumps into fine powder and making it easy to mix with other ingredients. It aerates the flour and pushes it through the mesh that acts as the fine strainer at one end. To bake or prepare dough, it is essential to sift the flour and get fine flour. If you are mixing the flour with any fine powder like cocoa powder, you need to measure the consistency of flour. Thus flours with lumps cannot provide good baking or dough. Flours should be sifted even if you are buying it as the pack or making the flour yourself. Apart from breaking lumps, sifter is also used to separate the chaff, bugs and many other foreign ingredients from the flour. Most of the baking needs finely sifted flour so that it is easy to eliminate the lumps after baking.

Also if you are having the flour open for longer, there are chances that it may be tightly packed. In those circumstances, it is good idea to sift before using so that you get perfect measurement. If there are lumps of flour, measurements cannot be appropriate. If you want to roll out flours over the surface of dough, it is a good idea to sift to dry or tighten the flour. Is there any mechanism in sifting the flour? No actually you just need to pour the flour on the mesh and keep shaking and pushing to get the fine powder on the other side. There are many advantages of flour sifter. You cannot prepare any dishes without this sifter. Every ingredient needs flour. So that you should consider getting the right sifter to sieve the flour for better result and taste of the dish.

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