Let us tell you that personal dosimetry is the key to radiation dosimetry. It is primarily used for determining the doses of individuals who are exposed to radiation-related work activities. The radiation dosimetry is used for measurement, calculation, and the assessment of the doses and then assigning those doses to the individuals. If you want to know more and searching for a centro de dosimetría then you must have to visit our site.

Few people are confused with personal dosimetry, it is the most important part of radiation dosimetry. There is a device named dosimeters and they are used to measure the doses of the individuals that are exposed to radiation-related activities. It usually records the dose which is absorbed by the radiation energy. The centro de dosimetría provide personal dosimetry in which the techniques vary and it will depend whether the source of radiation will be external of the body or internal. It is used just to measure the external radiation exposures as the internal is typically monitoring by measuring the presence of the nuclear substances of the body.

These are two kinds of dosimeters that you must have to know about:

  1. Passive dosimeters 

The other name of passive dosimeter is the Thermo Luminescent Dosimeter, which produced a radiation signal which is usually stored in the device. After this, it will e processed and then the output will be analyzed.

  1. Active dosimeter 

If you want to get a time value of the exposure then you must have to use an active dosimeter. It is also known as an electronic personal dosimeter. It produced a radiation signal which displays the direct reading of the detected dose and rate dose in real-time.

If you will use passive and active dosimeters then you will complement each other. To know the effective dose the dosimeter will be worn by the person on a position of the body which represents its exposure between the waist and the neck. The dosimeters will be worn on outside of the clothes and around the chest. It is also worn near the eyes to measure the dose of the tissues.

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