Timing straps pulleys are famous in industrial operation for their ability and timing towards the efficient operation. Timing straps pulleys are specially designed with pockets at the outside. This type of pulley also operates based on the friction to transmit the power. The pockets present on the outside of the pulleys help to hold the timing straps(correas dentadas) to maintain the timing of operation and to adjust the misalignment if anything happens. Choosing the timing strap pulley for the operation is important and involves a few factors.

  • Environmental Factors: Before selecting the timing strap pulleys should consider certain environmental factors such as temperature, oil presence, debris, the existence of ozone gases, etc., According to these environmental factors, one may select the proper timing straps which are made up of different materials used in the pulleys. Straps made up of the materials like Urethane or rubber will be stable in the above conditions where the urethane strap is the one that will be suitable for oil presence too.
  • Pulley Materials: Timing Pulleys are manufactured using plastic, aluminium, and steel materials. Dependingupon the environmental condition may pick the right one for the applications. Let us see about each of these pulleys,

Steel Pulleys: It is mainly used in harsh environments. One of the commonly used

materials to make the pulleys. It is a material that has stability with respect to temperature and also possesses better mechanical properties to handleheavyweights.

Aluminium Pulleys:It is a material widely used to manufacture pulleys. Durability and Lightweight is the advantage of this material and findstheir place in manufacturing the pulleys used in the high power driving systems. Its excellent mechanical and thermal properties will be employed in the usage of handling heavy loads and in differentenvironments.

Plastics Pulleys:Lightweight and affordability are the advantages of this type of pulley. In steel pulleys oxidation is the major drawback where that can be avoided in plastic pulleys since it will not oxidize. Hence, no need to provide any special coating to prevent oxidation. But it cannot be used in a harsh and heat environment where can be applied in a normal environment.