A good coil will last you a while, and it will produce vapor that is smooth and flavorful. A bad coil will give you harsh smoke that may leave your throat feeling irritated.


Keep in mind that the coil is the most important part of your electronic cigarette. It’s what provides the heat to vaporize the liquid into an inhalable mist. If you don’t have a good quality one, you’ll get nothing out of it other than wasted money on e-liquid.


There are several ways to make coils for your electronic cigarette, but here’s one way you can do it at home with very little experience or equipment needed. The following directions are for making a single-coil, so if you want to make several คอยล์ at once, just double or triple them up as necessary.


Materials Needed:


-Coil form (available at hardware stores) -Coil winding tool (available at hardware stores) -Plastic wrap/cling wrap/plastic food wrap (optional, but recommended) -Cotton swab/Q-tip (optional) -Scissors -Damp paper towel or damp dishtowel


Step 1: Gather Your Materials


Before you start, you’ll need to gather your materials. You’ll need a coil form, coil winding tool, plastic wrap or cling wrap, and Q-tips. You may also want a cotton swab or damp dish towel.



Step 2: Cut the Coil Form Into the Right Shape


The coil form is what you’re going to wind your e-liquid onto, and it needs to be cut into the right shape before you begin winding. The following video shows how to do that.


Step 3: Wrap Your Coils Around Your Coil Form


Now that you have your coil form cut out and ready to go, it’s time to start winding it up with your e-liquid. If you want multiple coils at once, make sure to do that before you begin winding your coils.


 Step 4: Cut the End off the Coil Form


You’ll need to cut off the end of the coil form, so it’s big enough for your e-liquid to be able to fit through.


 Step 5: Fill Your Coils With E-Liquid


Now that you have your coils ready, you can start filling them with e-liquid. The following video shows how to do that.